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Songluo Black Beauty Tea


Songluo Black Beauty Tea enjoyable anytime of the day with sweet honey notes and a caramel finish!

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Songluo Black Beauty Tea

Songluo Black Beauty Tea is High Mountain grown from the Songluo Mountains. The mountains are located between Quimen also known as Keemun and Huangshan in southern Anhui Province. The growing practices are in accordance to EU organic standards.

The tea itself is reminiscent in some ways of a traditional Keemun relative to taste, but the tea leaves are rolled int0 little curls that are shiny. The shininess is the result of a very high temperature final firing. The oxidation process is extended and controlled resulting in the development of many levels of flavor. This is one of our selections from our early spring trip to China, Experience the premium taste of this tea at a reasonable price!

Songluo Black Beauty Tea Flavor Profiles

Songluo Black Beauty Tea exhibits a smooth and mellow black tea flavor with notes of honey and a slight caramel finish.

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1.5 oz (try me) about 20 cups, 1 oz (try me) about 15 cups, 3 oz about 45 cups, 16 oz about 250 cups


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